About Us

As they say, Life is one great big party & at Run Wild Events we love nothing more than a great party or gathering! And that’s not just because its an excuse to eat and drink ourselves silly without regret but because its a chance to get together with all our fav humans and create crazy lifelong memories!

We are passionate about throwing unique celebrations for those extra special occasions, so whether you are simply wanting to hire something to give your gathering that extra bit of epicness to really wow your guests and give them a celebration to talk and laugh about for years to come, or you want us to deliver + set-up your event just as you envision it - give us a yell.

We would love to be a part of making your vision come to life no matter how small, big or crazy your ideas may be - we are all about those big visions and crazy ideas that run wild when you get on pinterest to get a ‘few’ party ideas!

If you have something in mind but can’t see it on our website, there’s a chance it may already be in the pipeline or on our ‘to do’ list so do get in touch and we will see what we can do.